Our Story

Trout Downing LLC is a boutique commercial law firm with a pragmatic and tailored approach to its clients and their legal needs. We represent individuals and businesses in a broad spectrum of industries and sizes throughout the United States and obtain almost all of our clients through referrals.

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Mission & Objectives

The attorneys at Trout Downing LLC insist on two core principles when serving our clients. First, we approach every issue or opportunity with a global perspective. Our clients do not benefit by our solving one problem, yet leaving other issues unresolved or exposing our clients to alternative risks. We interview our clients to learn their day-to-day and long term needs and their actual and anticipated challenges and opportunities. Our attorneys help our clients by knowing their business, anticipating future issues and discussing and explaining multiple scenarios before crafting a legal strategy.

The second principle that guides our services is being a value-added partner to our clients by charging tailored rates and offering alternative billing options.

Our firm obtains clients almost exclusively through referrals, sometimes even from former adversaries. We are also frequently referred matters and clients from international firms that have representation or rate conflicts.



Our Clients

Our clients and their legal issues are nationwide with a concentration in Chicagoland. They range from large national companies with multiple locations to entrepreneurs seeking advice on starting a new business. The firm’s clients include: real estate investors; real estate contractors; consultants; inventors; hospitality & entertainment companies; and logistic companies.